• Bridgestone E12 Soft Matte Green Dozen

Bridgestone E12 Soft Matte Green Dozen

Price: $29.99
Brand: Bridgestone
Product Code: Bridgestone Soft Matte Green Dozen
Availability: In Stock


  • Designed to deliver sidespin-reducing performance and added distance off the tee
  • Engineered specifically for golfers with driver swing speeds that are less than 105 MPH
  • Soft core design enables greater compression at impact for more explosive distance
  • Active Acceleration Mantle comprised of High Performance Polymer for thrust and velocity
  • Surlyn cover material provides crisp feel, optimized spin and increased durability
  • Delta Wing Dimple Pattern lessens drag and optimizes aerodynamics during flight
  • 3-piece construction helps golfers achieve a balance of distance and feel
  • High-visibility matte cover color enables enhanced shot tracking
  • 12 Pack

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